October 6 – 12, 2019

One of my favorite lines from CS Lewis’s great tale “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” comes near the beginning of the novel. The Pevensie children have just met the beaver family when they are informed of something occurring which has not occurred for some time. “Aslan is on the move,” the Beaver tells them. Now, at this point, the reader doesn’t know who Aslan is, but we know that he is up to something and Narnia will never be the same. We the readers can’t help but feel a tingle of excitement as we find out just who this Aslan is and what he’s up to in the snowy woods.

We at Christ Church Anglican have the advantage in that we know who we are talking about when we mention the Spirit. Still, I can’t help but feel a growing excitement when i say that the Spirit is on the move at Christ Church Anglican!! Things are happening and unfolding even as I write this email. We have so much to be excited about. We’ve got new music and a bit different order of service. New service opportunities to reach the local community by feeding the band or attending FCA events are sprouting up. The women of the church have an exciting chance to join a dedicated group like the Daughter’s of the Holy cross. We’ve got a stalwart group who comes together every Wednesday for Evening Prayer and Bible Study. There are still opportunities to serve at Wakulla Correctional Institute. Chances to connect with your fellow church members over dinner in their homes will be coming forth soon. New opportunities for the kids are on the horizon. All around us new ideas are bursting forth!

How might you find yourself caught up in the new things God is doing at Christ Church Anglican? Perhaps you’ve got an idea for a new outreach, or perhaps you want to find a one of our current ministries to join. Maybe you have a friend who you’ve always wanted to invite to church but were just to shy to do it. Now is the time! Good things are happening all around us. The Kingdom of God is bursting forth in our very midst.

Let’s all get caught up and get on the move with Spirit as we follow the Risen Jesus, the true Lord of the world!

Kyrios Christos, Deacon Dave