November 3rd-9th, 2019

Last week we celebrated the Feast of All Saint’s Day which is a chance to remember all the saints who have come before us but also recognize the saints among us.

Although last week was the Sunday after All Saints Day…it may best be remembered as the great “Printer Ink Incident of 2019.” As most of you know, the ink for the printer wasn’t delivered by the printer company in time to print out Sunday’s bulletin. This could have been a disaster but instead turned into a chance for the saints of Christ Church to shine. So many people came together to improvise, adapt, and overcome. That included everyone from those who had to read or serve to all of you who had to adapt to a different way of doing worship.

I’d like to especially recognize two people in particular. Rhonda, our parish secretary, leaped into action to make sure we had the proper readings ready and enough of the song lyrics for the ensemble to be able to sing the music. She helped me to ensure everything went smoothly despite the minor emergency of having no bulletins. Sherry, our church music director, was able to show up and quickly adapt to new music since we had to scramble to find music that didn’t require printed bulletins. She was able to play wonderfully without the opportunity to practice most of the music we heard on Sunday. I am extremely thankful that Christ put two such Christians to help me in my ministry.

In short, last Sunday was a chance to appreciate the everyday saints that sit beside us everyday at Christ Church Anglican. In the Gospels, the pharisees were always worried about perfect behavior and perfect worship. But Jesus always got at the heart of worship. True worship of the living God from the heart, whether the bulletins don’t get printed or we say a line in the creed a tiny bit wrong, is what the Christian life is really all about!
Kyrios Christos,
Deacon Dave