October 22nd to November 2nd, 2019

This Sunday is the Sunday after All Saint’s Day (November 1st). Although many of the saints of the church are remembered throughout the year, All Saint’s Day provides us with a dedicated day to call back into our memory those saints who have led the way before us. On that day, as everyday, we honor and remember the example of their lives and deaths. We rejoice in our continued communion with them through membership in the body of Christ.

All Saint’s Day is a great day to learn about a saint we might not be familiar with or to study the written prayers of the saints from throughout church history. It is a great opportunity to remember that as we enter into the worship of the true Lord of this world, we join a long and great tradition of brave and pious men and women that came before us. As we partake of the Lord’s Supper, we get a foretaste of the great victory feast in heaven in which all of the saints will attend.

Christianity isn’t learned or practiced in isolation. Instead, it is a great family with a long tradition and lineage. All Saint’s Day gives us an opportunity to remember this and to celebrate it.

Kyrios Christos, Deacon Dave