December 1 – 7, 2019

Oh Come….Oh Come Emmanuel….. Such a powerful and haunting song for the season of Advent. The Season of Advent is both beautiful, contemplative, and mournful. It is a season of dualities as well. We remember, prepare for, and contemplate the fact that God really did once come to us a baby in a manger on the first Christmas morning….but we also take time to recognize the world is not as it should be and we can only pray for God to once again come to us. Fleming Rutledge gave her book on Advent the subtitle: “The Once and Future Coming of Jesus Christ.” We remember that he did come over 2 thousand years ago…and we also pray for the day in which he will come again.

As we move through this season of Advent, may we find solidarity with the Ancient Israelites who, as they were oppressed by the Romans, longed and prayed for a day when God would show up and establish his Kingdom here on Earth. We too can look to the poor and oppressed around us here today, and pray alongside them the great prayer of Advent, “Come Lord Jesus!”