December 29 – January 5

I pray that each of you had a blessed and peaceful Christmas! I couldn’t think of a better way to start this wonderful season than the beautiful service we celebrated together on Christmas Eve. I was especially happy for all of the help the youth of Christ Church provided. From reading the Gospel to helping usher and light candles, it was awesome to have them involved in our service. We can all hope that Deacon Preston’s huge stocking he showed the kids was filled up with something besides coal on Christmas morning…we will have to ask Denise for details.

As we moved towards the close of the Christmas season we come to the Season of the Epiphany. As you know, Christmas is a 12 day season, ending on the 5th….sometimes called the Twelfth Night. The Twelfth Night has traditionally be celebrated with revelry, fanfare, fun and games, and King Cakes. I think, more than ever, its important for us to celebrate and remember this old tradition. With “Christmas Mania” taking over society at large, its easy to get a little gloomy after the big day is over. We rush and rush and buy presents and then in a matter of 20 mins they are all open…leaving us wanting more. The Christian celebration of the Twelfth Night is a reminder that we worship the Immanuel, the God With Us…so we have reason to celebrate and that celebration lasts more than a single day!

I hope all of you will join us on January 5th as we celebrate the Epiphany. In the words of an astute scholar, “Let’s Party On!”