Our Beliefs

Christ Church is an authentic reflection of this blended family of Anglicanism.  Look around on a Sunday morning at Christ Church, and it is likely that you will shake hands with people from all sorts of backgrounds, all of whom have found a home in the historic Biblical expression of Christianity called Anglicanism.  They were drawn by the beauty of the liturgy,the pervasive sense of historical roots that some contemporary churches often lack, a deep commitment to a thinking faith, and the satisfying conviction that they are members of a genuinely universal as well as a lively evangelical church.

At Christ Church Anglican you will find…

A welcoming church.  We do not ask anyone who comes into our doors if he or she is “good enough,” or the “right sort,” or “like us.”  We are Anglicans, not angels.  We welcome anyone into the fellowship of the Church who seeks God, or who seeks spiritual nourishment, or just a safe community in which to touch the deeper parts of their souls; where young and old, strong or week, rich or poor may hear God’s Word read, and receive God’s sacraments for their comfort, strengthening, mercy, and peace.

A Church where the beauty of worship and the proclamation of God’s Word are the central values.

A Church in which along with Anglicans across the globe, we recognize the Lordship of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

A Church where the Scripture as the Word of God written, is the foundation of our common life.